Passages of Time

Faith or Fear?

With a failing market and prices high—we watch inflation reach the sky. The fear sets in and clouds our view—panic distorts and runs askew.

Election time is now at hand—each picks a side throughout the land. All at once a division made—and hope for unity begins to fade.

What guides the principles we hold dear—are they driven by faith or run by fear? Do we trust in man to save this earth—or trust God’s gift of Jesus’ birth?

Let’s put God’s power back in place—for He alone can win this race. Pray for peace and our fellow man—as we walk together through this great land.

Comments on: "Faith or Fear?" (3)

  1. This is great! I have been meditating on this. Peace is the absence of fear and turmoil. And who give us Peace that passes all understanding? Jesus, so let’s treasure it like the gift it is! (p.s. I think this is also going to be my next post. I love how God does that!)


  2. So thankful that God is on our side and he is still the God who parted the Red Sea and saved the Hebrews out of slavery. He is the same yesterday, today and forever! He does the impossible. It will not be a politician that saves us but our Almighty God who loves us!

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