Passages of Time

Can I Borrow Some?

I marveled at the faith he had, much trust placed in the Lord. Each victory won I’d watch in awe, it had to be his sword.

Perhaps he’d let me borrow it, to fight my battles too. Could learn to wield it to and fro, and be victorious too.

He said it’s not the sword you see, it’s something greater still. It can’t be borrowed, lent or won, but given through free will.

At last I step out on my own, God’s Word will be my guide. To live a life victorious, with Jesus by my side.

What Am I?

A substance real but yet unseen—I marvel at its worth. It’s made complete by actions deep—to manifest on earth.

Invisible to eyes alone—some struggle to believe. Our walk in it can do great things—and much can be achieved.

We hope upon it trustingly—God works behind the scenes. It does not collapse when trial comes—but intensifies it’s means.

Take hold of what God promises—and know His words are true. This substance will increase you see—and it’s power comes from you.

It’s Time

From little on you held a place so deep within my heart. I prayed for God to keep you safe right from the very start.

Perhaps I placed you in His arms but never did let go. I thought I could protect you best throughout life’s ebbs and flows.

The truth be told I tried my best and parenting is hard. Just never dreamt such love for you would leave you feeling scarred.

Perhaps I stifled you too much not meaning to at all. And picked you up repeatedly to save you from a fall.

It’s time I gave you back your wings to see how far you’ll fly. I know with God’s unfailing grace you’ll no doubt reach the sky.

My love for you is endless and I’ll be there should you need. God has for you great purpose may you follow every lead.

Life Renewed

The words you spoke came from a heart—that conveyed a deep-felt truth. A struggle fought inside your mind—seemed to complicate your youth.

A battlefield was set in place—both forces equipped to win. The enemy convinced you first—but God forgave your sin.

His plan you see was greater still—yet unbeknownst to you. To walk in ways not physical—but live life with Him brand new.

The scars you have will help save lives—for those who struggle still. A journey placed before you now—all according to His will.

Am I a Christian?

We claim God holds the highest seat, that His Word is absolute. Do we daily come before His throne and give honor without dispute?

We stand upon His Word as truth, each lesson meant to teach. Have we read the scriptures thoroughly or only close enough to reach?

We pray to God for many things, He knows our every need. Do we also thank Him graciously or just focus on our greed?

The freedoms Christ has given us, are sometimes misconstrued. Do we take just what we want to hear and make it fit our mood?

Forgive us Father God most high, we stand before you now. To place the honor where it should and live by your Word we vow.

His Hand

My Father’s hand outstretched for me, I always know it’s there. It gently guides and keeps me safe, with comfort, love and care.

I sense His hand upon my face, He catches every tear. Through grace and peace I ease my mind, He takes away all fear.

There’s never been a time you see, that I have been alone. God’s hand is on my life always, I am one of His own.

Faith or Fear?

With a failing market and prices high—we watch inflation reach the sky. The fear sets in and clouds our view—panic distorts and runs askew.

Election time is now at hand—each picks a side throughout the land. All at once a division made—and hope for unity begins to fade.

What guides the principles we hold dear—are they driven by faith or run by fear? Do we trust in man to save this earth—or trust God’s gift of Jesus’ birth?

Let’s put God’s power back in place—for He alone can win this race. Pray for peace and our fellow man—as we walk together through this great land.

She put her hand upon His cloak—not caring what one might say. Christ knew her heart and set her free—an interruption was made that day.

They come at unexpected times—even on your toughest days. Simon cast his nets once more—God provided in unmatched ways.

I lived my life in overdrive—the diagnosis heard was grim. It gave me time to pause and see—that all I need in is Him.

The next time interruption calls—take heart and trust God’s plan. He only wants the best for us—so let’s praise Him all we can.

The Door

God showed up and closed a door—on a toxic situation. The Devil cringed and stepped aside—for further evaluation.

He’d watched my walk with God grow weak—and grinned with anticipation. Soon pushed his hand upon that door—and watched with determination.

I sensed no harm as I passed through—only a rush of motivation. All at once a cold wind blew—and I felt his domination.

The wreckage once behind that door—is still in operation. A question now I ask myself—do I choose Light or condemnation?


The silent hurt she felt inside, would one day leave it’s mark. Each hateful action, word and deed, was kindling yet to spark.

Until the day she made her plan, to end the throbbing pain. Her backpack full of weapons new, she stepped inside the train.

It traveled through a quiet town, her eyes began to search. She gazed upon a gathered crowd, outside a small white church.

Intrigued by what she witnessed there, got off to check things out. The pastor spoke with gentleness, but yet she had her doubt.

Determined to get answers quick, she walked up to the stage. And boldly asked to speak with him, in questioning her rage.

An interruption not ignored, but placed in Jesus’s hands. The pastor took the time to care, which changed this young girl’s plans.

She gave her life to Christ that day, no longer walks alone. May we hear the call to help someone, and vow not to postpone.