Passages of Time

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I look ahead with gratitude, that word alone is grand. Your life can change direction, the moment it is at hand.

Each minute that we are gifted, it’s thankfulness times two. God gives us new beginnings, a chance to start anew.

It’s with deep appreciation, as I look upon the day. May I never take for granted, the many blessings sent my way.

Thank you Heavenly Father, your love for us is true. The grace bestowed upon us, is an eternal gift from you.

Silent Pain

Entangled by your choices, not looking past the pain. The darkness overwhelmed you and nothing seemed the same.

The poison numbed the demons, though a temporary fix. They thrived upon your weakness to create a dangerous mix.

Your mind could not keep separate, the reality of each day. It consumed your thoughts and actions which drove you far away.

I saw in you great sadness, your eyes were clouded gray. You begged with desperation but I could not walk away.

The voice inside was heavy, your need to leave was great. The hurt and pain within your head would find a different fate.

In Jesus’s arms I leave you, God’s Will is now at hand. I’ll trust in His direction for He has the perfect plan

My love for you is precious, the bond is like no other. God blessed my life by giving me a very special brother.

Love you forever!

He Knows

The reasons why are not yet known or may not ever be. I rest assured through God’s own word and patiently wait to see.

Each day I wake with gratefulness and fall upon my knees. I pray someday you’ll heal from this and spring to life with ease.

I’ve set aside the little things to focus on the now. I never question why it is or where it was or even really how.

Truth be told it’s not my plan but He who rules the earth. Forever watching over us and knows our destiny from birth.

Take heed in what I’m saying and lay it at His feet. Have faith in God our Father for His grace is oh so sweet.

Fly Mama Fly

Written for Brenda’s mom’s celebration of life. Thought it might be a little heavy so I wrote another one (just below this)

Each step you took upon this earth, gave guidance for those who follow. The strength you showed, the gifts you gave is hope for all of our tomorrows.

The winds blew fierce a time or two, but little did you falter. With head held high you journeyed on and became my rock of Gibraltar.

On an angel’s wing you swiftly rise, the earth calls out your name. I hear your voice and feel your love, though life will never be the same.


When the winds blew fierce, you turned your head to face it. There you deeply inhaled the sweet smell of the beauty that surrounded you and graciously exhaled love.

The strength you showed throughout your life has forever made its mark upon our souls. It will travel with us always as an example of the strong foundation you have laid.

We are forever reminded of your gentle voice through the whispers of the blowing leaves and feel your presence shine like the sun upon each new day.

Though gone from our sight your spirit soars, with a watchful eye, as we walk in the footsteps before us.

Until we meet again, may we all walk in peace.

This Day

In the stillness of the morning—I ponder the day ahead. I’ve been gifted another daylight—and gently bow my head.

Giving thanks for many blessings—bestowed upon my life. I’ll take this gift of sunshine—and make joy from any strife.

The birds are chirping wildly—as they sing their morning song. A reminder for me simply—to give praises all day long.

This day is laid before me—to choose the side I’ll stand. Excitement fills my being—as I take my Savior’s hand.

He’ll walk with me forever—once I open up the door. This day is still before me—but He gives me so much more.

The Tattered Pew

I peered through the clouded glass window of an old church located near the edge of a desolate town. Dust and cobwebs made their home in much of the place and it appeared as though no one had been there for quite some time. I wondered about the souls that this place had harvested throughout time and my mind wandered.

Drawn back to the window, I spotted a long, tattered pew just below the sill. It was evident that this was a strong, sturdy bench made from the finest wood. Even amidst the particles of dust, you could see its marred and blemished surface gave way to the raw hardwood beneath. I marveled at how the carpenter must have viewed this blank slate before its creation. Oh the wonders of its history.

My eyes grew increasingly heavy and, in an instant, a surge riffled through my body. I felt as though I was being transported to another place in time. As strange as this was, peace overcame any sense of fear I may have had. In the distance I could hear a piano playing the familiar hymn of How Great Thou Art. Where was I? Did I dare open my eyes? Slowly I willed my eyelids to separate. I was there, sitting upon the very pew I had cherished just moments ago. Only this time, it was filled with a neatly dressed family singing praises to God.

Immediately after the music ended, the pastor called for prayer. Seated beside me was a beautiful, middle-aged woman who slowly bowed her head and quietly wept before God. This incredible moment had opened my ears to hear the silent prayers she offered. I witnessed her tears fall upon the polished bench and knew it was a resting place before the Holy Spirit collected them to put in her book of life.

Story upon story, moments in time flashed before me for which seemed like an eternity. I leaned back against the pew and thoughtfully closed my eyes. I pondered the many lives that were revealed to me and slowly drifted back to the clouded window whence this journey began. I too bowed my head and gave thanks for the memories upon that tattered pew. Handcrafted with love, it served as a resting place for the hopeless, gave comfort and peace to the hurting, available to the searching and provided strength for much joy and laughter.

Have I?

Each life is a gifted treasure—for it’s the only one we get.

Am I treating others graciously—have I touched the ones I’ve met?

The train I’m on is traveling—at unexpected speeds.

My thoughts are visions passing by—have I planted many seeds?

I stop to help a wounded soul—their eyes gaze through the air.

A hand I give an ear to hear—have I shown how much I care?

I bow my head and pray for strength—God listens to my plea.

A hurting world before me now—have I shared what set me free?

Each life has twisted pathways—a journey unique to one.

A relationship is needed—have I told them about the Son?

Sent here to save such brokenness—weighted down by all our sin.

His love is never ending—have I asked him to come in?

Your life will change forever—through different eyes you’ll see.

A bond of love that’s endless—have I regrets? No, not me.

My Team

I arrived early and the playing field was empty. It’s neatly trimmed hedges gave way to an immaculately manicured lawn. I felt a great sense of peace about my surroundings. In an instant, there was a warm breeze that playfully swirled as if nudging me to move forward. Today was the day.

There was a significant importance about this day because it was the one I’d chosen to assemble my team. I felt my stomach flip a bit knowing the vast decisions I needed to make and carefully laid out my strategic playbook.

As I studied the setting of this majestic landscape, it was evident the grounds keeper put great thought, love and effort into creating this space. Beauty covered every inch and nothing seemed out of place. It was truly a work of art for miles around. This is where I would start. I summoned for the Master, Father God, the one who hung the stars and moon. He would have the most high position on my team. The overseer, as you will. I leapt with excitement.

At the center of the field I needed someone with unlimited strength, never ending compassion and the ability to love unconditionally. Life always has a way of throwing curveballs at any given moment and I wanted to be prepared. For this position I chose Jesus, he came highly recommended by the Master, so I had no doubt about him. His impeccable timing and willingness to be called upon at anytime would prove invaluable.

Finally, it was evident this team needed an active force; a divine, limitless energy that could give power and gracefully help with communications. It was here I needed the Holy Spirit. I studied his chief attributes and found him perfectly holy and spotless. He was free of any sin or darkness and shared the strengths of God the Father and Jesus. Without a doubt, this was the perfect team.