Passages of Time

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Were You There?

She walked into the crowded room—her head was bowed in shame.

A seat she took behind a man—lest no one knew her name.

One person spoke with clarity—their story much the same.

Were you there? She thought unknowingly—from whence this story came.

It was hard for one to fathom—a disease so hard to tame.

The love she felt amongst her own–gave hope instead of blame.

Direction Unknown

Everyone has a journey. A landscape of paths set before them that sprawl out in a multitude of directions, but which way to go? There were no clear signs.

When young, we were lovingly guided down the same path. There we gathered nuggets of wisdom and morsels of knowledge to help us along the way. Laughter came in great wind gusts that blew our tears away. Love was everywhere.

Ultimately and without warning, you ran on ahead, perhaps triggered by the unknown. I struggled to keep up but my legs grew weary. I trudged along without you but noticed you unknowingly dropped a few things as you went forward along the path. I hurried to find you.

I picked up the foundation of faith, as I knew you would definitely be lost without it. Up a little farther I stumbled upon self love, which broke my heart a bit and wondered if you dropped it intentionally. I had to leave that one behind as it was too heavy and only you could carry it.

Moving on, I gasped because the path had split in two directions. Which one did you take? I sensed despair and destruction to my left and chills went down my spine. Without your faith I feared for you and hoped you did not travel there.

I pondered my decision and prayed which way to go. Each path appeared challenging but no matter which one I chose, my faith told me I would never be alone. So I headed to the right in hopes you’d be up ahead.

My journey had been amazing, even amongst the hills and valleys I traveled. Beauty surrounded me most everywhere I went. Joy filled my heart with the many blessings I was given. I thought of you often.

A dark cave was in the distance. I felt the dampness of its walls. Evilness whipped around in swirls, did I dare enter? In my stillness I felt a sense of familiarity I’d remembered from years ago. It seemed to draw me in so, so I entered the darkness.

That is where I found you. My heart leapt inside and I was filled with gratefulness. As I feared, you had been severely broken. You laid in ruins amongst the poison that filled your body and the insecurity that consumed you over the years. You no longer had a will to live.

It is here that I give thanks and trust only in the Healer to bring a miracle upon your life. He will never leave you or forsake you. After all these years I lay the foundation of faith at your feet and pray your eyes will be opened to receive it. Your journey is not complete without it. Come join me, the path is cleared.

My Fence

I had a picket, hammer and nail. I felt exposed so I built a rail.

It was long, yet bold and sturdy too. It kept out every one I knew.

That left me sad and trapped inside. So I made a gate as not to hide.

My fence has rules that all must heed. Respect my space and do not impede.

I’ll let you in when the timing’s right. A Fellow knows it’s been quite a fight.

I set out chairs behind my fence. To welcome those without pretense.


From little on my brain was wired—to think a certain way.

When chaos came a wire split—to keep the pain at bay.

Throughout my life these pathways grew—one section at a time.

A mess of anger, hurt and strife—not picturesque sublime.

I drank to to numb each firing spark—felt deep within my head.

A temporary fix at best—for soon they’d find me dead.

Then came the day a light went on—a change to be ensued.

To rework all this wiring—that left me all unglued.

The Master’s hands were so precise—new wires were gently placed.

I look ahead with gratefulness—and learn by what I’ve faced.

God’s Plan

God’s love is ever present,

His promises are true.

He has a plan for each of us,

And helps to see us through.

At times you may not see it,

As He works behind the scenes.

It’s best to lay your burdens down,

To see exactly what this means.

The weight you’ve carried worrying,

Was not for you at all.

You took it on unknowingly,

A precept to the fall.

Until at last you stepped aside,

Out of the Master’s way.

To see the plan He organized,

From the beginning to today.

Don’t ever doubt His will for you,

It’s the only one you need.

Rest assured He’s in control,

And always in the lead.

We need no other Savior,

He truly is the best.

His promises are worthy,

And in His arms I rest.