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Am I a Christian?

We claim God holds the highest seat, that His Word is absolute. Do we daily come before His throne and give honor without dispute?

We stand upon His Word as truth, each lesson meant to teach. Have we read the scriptures thoroughly or only close enough to reach?

We pray to God for many things, He knows our every need. Do we also thank Him graciously or just focus on our greed?

The freedoms Christ has given us, are sometimes misconstrued. Do we take just what we want to hear and make it fit our mood?

Forgive us Father God most high, we stand before you now. To place the honor where it should and live by your Word we vow.

His Hand

My Father’s hand outstretched for me, I always know it’s there. It gently guides and keeps me safe, with comfort, love and care.

I sense His hand upon my face, He catches every tear. Through grace and peace I ease my mind, He takes away all fear.

There’s never been a time you see, that I have been alone. God’s hand is on my life always, I am one of His own.

Faith or Fear?

With a failing market and prices high—we watch inflation reach the sky. The fear sets in and clouds our view—panic distorts and runs askew.

Election time is now at hand—each picks a side throughout the land. All at once a division made—and hope for unity begins to fade.

What guides the principles we hold dear—are they driven by faith or run by fear? Do we trust in man to save this earth—or trust God’s gift of Jesus’ birth?

Let’s put God’s power back in place—for He alone can win this race. Pray for peace and our fellow man—as we walk together through this great land.


She put her hand upon His cloak—not caring what one might say. Christ knew her heart and set her free—an interruption was made that day.

They come at unexpected times—even on your toughest days. Simon cast his nets once more—God provided in unmatched ways.

I lived my life in overdrive—the diagnosis heard was grim. It gave me time to pause and see—that all I need in is Him.

The next time interruption calls—take heart and trust God’s plan. He only wants the best for us—so let’s praise Him all we can.