Passages of Time

Archive for August, 2022


I saw behind your eyes tonight, a sadness deep within. A man of quiet solitude, who longed for what had been.

You shared how much you loved your wife, the years flew by too fast. With body frail and memory gone, a heartache now is cast.

Decisions made without your say, creates a helpless space. You yearn for life the way it was, but sorrow takes it’s place.

Tonight I pray for God’s own hand, rest gently on your heart. Give strength upon the two of you, especially now apart.

Break Free

I hung on tight to many things—my fingers became sore.

Could not let go one single bit—each chain gave way to more.

The pain beneath the weight was real—could barely take it in.

I needed to let go of much—or else I’d never win.

Threw off the chains of my self doubt—replaced with confidence.

Unleashed the guilt upon my soul—to only find acceptance.

Moved out from under constant fear—a light shown on assurance.

Broke free from all the harbored shame—now that made all the difference.

Come free yourself from chains that bind—your grip could use a rest.

By letting go each negative—serenity is best.


I walk through the fire—

But my flame burns within.

His promise to protect me—

Comes with scars upon His skin.

I stumble across fear—

But my courage comes from Him.

A divine and blessed Savior—

Fills my cup far past the brim.

I leap along with joyfulness—

Sing praises from my heart.

For Christ declared the victory—

To give me a brand new start.

His favor is upon me—

I feel blessed in every way.

The sacred ground I walk on—

Shall reflect His love each day.

A New Day

The page is blank each morning—a pen is filled with ink.

It’s a story in the making—drawn from all the ways I think.

My actions choose direction—which words are penned on page.

Decisions made are changeless—though may fade in time with age.

Looking back to the beginning—can be painful, bitter sweet.

I will not dwell on choices—when I was foolish, lost and weak.

Today is a new chapter—written especially for me.

I’ll guide each waking moment—living happy, joyous, free.