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An Angel’s Wing

This was written for my sweet friend, Nancy who lost her son to a drug overdose. In the end, God wins, not drugs.

On an angel’s wing

It’s quite the view

I watch you every day

Your heart is broke

The pain is great

But know I’m doing okay

God knew I hurt

way deep inside

He gave his hand to me

I felt His warmth

The love so real

Tis Him who set me free

I cannot explain

This journey still

In a way you’d understand

Just trust in Him

And we’ll meet again

On that day YOU take His hand

Our Warrior, Our Friend

This was written for my dear friend, Holly, after her husband lost his courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.

The news that day

was like none before

I struggled with unbelief

my heart was broke

words slipped away

there was no sign of relief

I bowed my head

and begged for strength

for now what my friend would face

a path unknown

a clouded view

could he somehow win this race


The track was cleared

the distance long

and for a miracle I prayed

his steps were strong

his strides were long

a mighty warrior was made


But not alone

would this journey be

a family so strong and true

amidst their pain

and heavy hearts

they created memories anew


A gift to us

our lives were changed

by this amazing man named Tim

Forever grateful

Forever Blessed

Thankful for the memory of him


Rest in Jesus arms

Until we meet again