Passages of Time

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Filling Needs

I found a man who hungered—brought food to help sustain. Another had a broken heart—shared words to ease the pain.

A single mom was tired—took her children to the park. Brought light of God’s forgiveness—to someone in the dark.

One shivered in the dampness—gave clothes and some hot tea. The gal had not the money—I paid her grocery fee.

His eyes were red and swollen—offered him a gentle smile. The woman old and tired—gave my seat to rest awhile.

A life was marred by sinning—He took it all away. The pain endured upon the cross—gave redemption on that day.

Stand Strong

A volcano, from the outside, has a presence strong and bold. It’s mighty walls resilient to whatever life unfolds.

Each day withstands the pressures of outside forces strong. While the earth beneath its surface senses something could go wrong.

The changes start out gradual, as the heat begins to form. Its pressure builds intensity with each internal storm.

Until at last each chamber, weighted down begins to fill. Which causes inside fractures to erupt and slowly spill.

Once relieved of this destruction, a healing process starts. This mighty fortress scarred a bit but didn’t fall apart.

Rest Assured

The purchase made upon that cross; gave blessings, peace and love. A favor of protection grand was given from above.

A resting place beneath his wing, secured by his own blood. Empowers us to beat the odds, especially in the flood.

Adversary can’t hold us down, with Jesus at the wheel. His loving arms protects us now, when evil comes to steal.

We may at times our footing slip, and fall upon the ground. But lovingly he picks us up, for in his righteousness we’re found.

Day by Day

I walked alone into the room—I tried hard not to cry. The shame I felt deep inside—left many questions why.

Why I hurt the ones I loved—‘twas never meant to be. I fed the sickness quietly—thought most of all of me.

I pushed aside each warning—felt numbness in my vein. Then drifted in the darkness—each step drawn towards insane.

Acceptance surfaced slowly—denial reared its head. Was on a path of danger—lest soon they’d find me dead.

My story’s not so different—except I’m here to say. That help and love surround you—so take it day by day.

Silent Walls

The cries behind the silent walls, are often never heard. A heart is broke in mourning deep, slips by without a word.

God knows your pain he feels it too, and waits right by your side. His love casts forth a single beam, that darkness cannot hide.

Hold strong to Him you’re not alone, he catches every tear. Then gently calms each raging storm, and takes away all fear.

Rest well tonight behind those walls, lay sadness at His feet. Those burdens aren’t for you to hold, His love makes that complete.