Passages of Time

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My Beautiful Friend

Written for my dear friend and neighbor, Rachel, as her family moves to Michigan. I will miss them greatly.

From the day that I had met you—I knew God so blessed my life.

He brought us all together—To share both joyous days and strife.

Without a doubt your kindness—Set you aside from all the rest.

I am grateful for each moment—And I love our friendship best.

Your smile will not be forgotten—It is what will see me through.

As I think upon the gifts you’ve shared—From a heart so strong and true.

May blessings fill your future—In the lives you’ve yet to touch.

My life has changed immensely—By your caring, patient touch.

Thank you for being my Beautiful Friend.


When my mind travels back to replay an overview of my life, I cannot help but reflect on the people God has sent me throughout my amazing journey. The comforters, the listeners, the protectors, the thinkers, the creators, the leaders, the warriors…the list goes on.

I marvel at how each person was especially chosen to play a particular role. Whether it be through a brief encounter, a significant moment in time or a lifelong bond, each one was beautifully orchestrated and intentionally placed there from the beginning…exactly and perfectly planned.

Some people may never know what impact their presence played or continue to play in my life, and perhaps I may never know the true extent either, but profoundly grateful I am for each and every one.

Take the Lead

We give thanks and praise as our prayers were heard—a miracle was granted. In the doctor’s awe and disbelief —it was a healing we were handed.

We pray for guidance in the days to come—a path we’ve yet to venture. We’ll trust your ways and lay down our fears—for it’s you who knows our future.

Give us strength and courage to forge the way—to the place of new beginnings. From the valley low to the mountain high—we are grateful for all your blessings.

Thought Patterns

As I sit in the heat of the day with a soft cool breeze whispering across my body, I’m forever reminded how small I am in this vast universe that could only have been created by a God who knows no limits.

My thoughts travel in many different directions. Some land on familiar ground—It’s almost as if I take these moments for granted, or perhaps live in a routine that requires virtually no thought at all. Feelings that are in front of me but do not materialize into much of anything.

Then my mind wanders to new, uncharted territories in which recent events have forged the wake in a sea of hurricane-type winds. Thoughts of unbearable pain, unforeseen circumstances and confusion scatters it’s debris in every direction I look.

It is with these thoughts I need to be gently redirected back and look towards the One who is at the helm of my ship and will calm every wave—all I need is to ask and it will be done.

So I give praise and glory and turn this day over to my Father, my provider of all—my Savior, Lord of my life, and my Heavenly Spirit, who directs, empowers and leads me in everything I do.