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The Road Ahead

Written on 04/28/2002 for Brenda Heck as she graduated high school:

The road ahead is unforeseen, a journey yet to make. May the Holy Spirit guide you, in every step you take.

God is the master planner, of this life He chose for you. His loving hands are open, if you hold him near and true.

The road ahead may twist and turn, stay focused on the Lord. For he sees the upper tapestry, and has woven every cord.

God bless you always, Brenda, you are music to His ears. Our love goes with you always, throughout the many years.

In Loving Memory of Jodi Mantel

Written on 02/23/2000 when my dear friend, Jodi went home to be with the Lord:

Her gentle ways and smiling face, an angel in disguise. Was sent to us from up above, to touch our very lives.

We thank Him for the time we had, a blessing rare and true. Her laughter, love and caring ways, will lead us each day through.

The mark she left upon our hearts, will never be forgot. A gift to cherish all our days, she sure was loved a lot.

Mother’s Day 1996

The love you gave so freely, right from the very start. Has shown us both how God’s love, can fill a trusting heart.

You’ve blessed our lives so deeply, with all that’s good and true. We thank our Heavenly Father for a wonderful mom like you!

Different People

Written on 04/10/1981:

It is said that some are very smart and others may be wise. There are those who always speak the truth, while others tend to lie.

Some have seen the very cruel, who hurt them oh so much. Yet there are those extremely kind and have that loving touch.

Life cannot be labeled fair, for no one is alike. Some are welcomed in for tea, while others ‘take a hike.’

To judge another is not our place, for judgement day will come. The Lord our God has spoken this, still unbelieved by some.

Throughout your life, you’ll see all sorts in circles large and small. Be kind to those around you now for God has made us all.

A Tribute to Mom & Dad

Written on 12/30/1981:

You changed our diapers from day to day and listened to us cry. You worked your fingers to the bone, to keep us safe and dry.

Kissed every bump and bruise we had, in such a caring way. With a loving touch and watchful eye, back off we went to play.

We were always such a carefree bunch, and  time went by so fast. All at once the future’s gone, tis yet a joyful past.

The past is not obscure to me, for your loving ways prevail. I could count on both of you, because you rarely fail.

The times we’ve shared throughout our lives, shall never be forgotten. Like when we were deemed as  ‘angels’ and the times when we were ‘rotten.’

We have had our ups and downs in life, you see most families do. But we made it through the thick and thin, and now I thank God for you!

Haiku Time

Written on 02/10/78:

An old wall is painted/Covering itself from all its dirty lines/The new wall appears beautiful

Darkness covers all the land/Yet just one light holds its own/Sunshine fills the earth again.

Winds blow loud and fierce/Birds prepare for their journey/Seasons change quickly

Sun shines/A worm wiggles/Dews gone

Black dog lies sleeping/Running fast throughout the night/An ear twitches

The swing moves slowly/No one is standing in line/The leaves begin to blow

I Can See Well

Written on 2/10/1978:

They tell me that the grass is green now…Yes, I hear the birds. I guess the sun is bright…I feel its warmth protrude. I sure wish I could see it, Lord…it must be beautiful.

Everything is dark now…I’m getting kind of scared. Oh Lord, will you help me? I’m slowly losing hope…things don’t seem the same now and I’m really not very strong. Soon *’ll be leaving this dark world to which I live, to join you, Lord, in the mightiest kingdom of all.

It’s really wonderful here, I’m so glad you chose me, Lord. Life is beautiful again and things are much more clear. It’s far more lovely than I every imagined. I rest in the peace of your arms, away from misery.

The Cat

Written on 3/24/78:

The cat so lifeless among the brush, so silent as she lay. Up she lunges! she sights a bird, Ah, but is this the perfect prey?

Her jaws begin to twitch and stir, now supper’s on its way. She leaps up high! but sparrow’s gone–no bird, no food..not quick enough today?

The hope was there for her tongue within, her teeth are now at rest. For tomorrows sights are set anew, on that sparrow that sleeps upon her nest.

When It’s Time

I have always loved to write poetry or to pen my thoughts as they surfaced. I recently found a book that holds many of those written words and wanted to put them together with this collection.  This one was written on 7/4/1978:

When I shall touch death, it will lead me on. For death is the heartthrob of my inner soul.

Take me where faith enters, never to escape. But take me, if you will, when it is my time to go.


Written on 08/10/1999 when my good friend, Lynn moved to Montana:

Friendship grows within a heart that’s filled with love and hope. It forms a bond between two souls, entwines itself like rope. This sturdy line can never break, for love is bound throughout. Guided by our Father’s hand, the greatest gift–no doubt!