Passages of Time

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A Servant’s Life

This poem was written for my dear friend, Meg on the passing of her amazing father and the impact he had on my life.

I remember well his smiling face,

A caring man who was filled with grace.

If err you felt life’s burdens strong,

He’d be the one who knew right from wrong.

He’d sit you down with a listening ear,

And holy wisdom is what you’d hear.

A chosen vessel so filled with love,

Could only have come from God above.

I’m blessed to say he touched a cord,

When I saw my name upon his board.

This board you see showed more than names,

It witnessed love through others pains.

At Heaven’s gates he’s home at last,

A servant crowned and burdens cast.

Ode to Mom

This poem was written for my forever friend, Ann in memory of her beautiful mom, Joan. Hoping it depicts the very special relationship they were blessed with for so many years.

From little on you were my rock, 
Beside me in every way. 
The love you gave so selflessly, 
Has made me who I am today. 

Your infectious smile lit up a room, 
Your beauty overflowed with grace. 
I’ll not forget your caring ways, 
Each gentle touch or warm embrace. 

The strength you showed, has taught me much, 
Your love for life lives on. 
I’ll see your face each morning new, 
In glistening snow or summer dew. 

Rest well sweet mom in Jesus’s arms,
Until the day we’ll meet again.
For now I’ll share your memories dear,
For in my heart you will remain.