Passages of Time

Looking back, I struggle to remember that one calm moment said to precede an ensuing storm. I can’t recall the exact date it hit and would be lying if I said there were no warning signs along the way. It’s crazy to think that one day you are sitting poolside with your kids, laughing beneath the warmth of the summer sun; and the next day your child is swept away by a gust of wind so strong that it leaves you not only stunned but virtually helpless and ultimately confused.

The torrential rains moved in quickly and my child was instantly caught up in the flood of drug abuse, addition, crime and a life of deceit. The direction this storm took literally destroyed everything in its path. Trust was broken into tiny fragments and strewn for miles. Relationships were severed by the onslaught of hurtful debris and hearts were crushed beyond recognition. Our surroundings were no longer familiar.

Over time, the eye of the storm steadily weakened but the damage had already been done. In a daze, we slowly pulled ourselves out from beneath the rubble and began the painful process of rebuilding.

Comments on: "Standing Strong Amidst the Storm" (3)

  1. You have a wonderful way with words. I look forward to reading more. I do not know if you like blogging awards, but I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Details at: I hope you continue to write more, it is truly a pleasure to read.


  2. May your delicately spun words bring comfort. You are an inspiration to me. Hang in there dear friend…God will see you through the aftermath of this storm and the sun will shine upon you again. Love you so much!


  3. Radiowrtr said:

    As the brother of Ysubb, I understand and can relate to every word written. From the heart, the truth is painful, not only to feel but to expound on in verse. Life seeks its own path for all. The road direction may change….its making the decision at the “fork” that will define progress ~Forward or Backward~


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