Passages of Time

Rest Assured

The purchase made upon that cross; gave blessings, peace and love. A favor of protection grand was given from above.

A resting place beneath his wing, secured by his own blood. Empowers us to beat the odds, especially in the flood.

Adversary can’t hold us down, with Jesus at the wheel. His loving arms protects us now, when evil comes to steal.

We may at times our footing slip, and fall upon the ground. But lovingly he picks us up, for in his righteousness we’re found.

Day by Day

I walked alone into the room—I tried hard not to cry. The shame I felt deep inside—left many questions why.

Why I hurt the ones I loved—‘twas never meant to be. I fed the sickness quietly—thought most of all of me.

I pushed aside each warning—felt numbness in my vein. Then drifted in the darkness—each step drawn towards insane.

Acceptance surfaced slowly—denial reared its head. Was on a path of danger—lest soon they’d find me dead.

My story’s not so different—except I’m here to say. That help and love surround you—so take it day by day.

Silent Walls

The cries behind the silent walls, are often never heard. A heart is broke in mourning deep, slips by without a word.

God knows your pain he feels it too, and waits right by your side. His love casts forth a single beam, that darkness cannot hide.

Hold strong to Him you’re not alone, he catches every tear. Then gently calms each raging storm, and takes away all fear.

Rest well tonight behind those walls, lay sadness at His feet. Those burdens aren’t for you to hold, His love makes that complete.


I saw behind your eyes tonight, a sadness deep within. A man of quiet solitude, who longed for what had been.

You shared how much you loved your wife, the years flew by too fast. With body frail and memory gone, a heartache now is cast.

Decisions made without your say, creates a helpless space. You yearn for life the way it was, but sorrow takes it’s place.

Tonight I pray for God’s own hand, rest gently on your heart. Give strength upon the two of you, especially now apart.

Break Free

I hung on tight to many things—my fingers became sore.

Could not let go one single bit—each chain gave way to more.

The pain beneath the weight was real—could barely take it in.

I needed to let go of much—or else I’d never win.

Threw off the chains of my self doubt—replaced with confidence.

Unleashed the guilt upon my soul—to only find acceptance.

Moved out from under constant fear—a light shown on assurance.

Broke free from all the harbored shame—now that made all the difference.

Come free yourself from chains that bind—your grip could use a rest.

By letting go each negative—serenity is best.


I walk through the fire—

But my flame burns within.

His promise to protect me—

Comes with scars upon His skin.

I stumble across fear—

But my courage comes from Him.

A divine and blessed Savior—

Fills my cup far past the brim.

I leap along with joyfulness—

Sing praises from my heart.

For Christ declared the victory—

To give me a brand new start.

His favor is upon me—

I feel blessed in every way.

The sacred ground I walk on—

Shall reflect His love each day.

A New Day

The page is blank each morning—a pen is filled with ink.

It’s a story in the making—drawn from all the ways I think.

My actions choose direction—which words are penned on page.

Decisions made are changeless—though may fade in time with age.

Looking back to the beginning—can be painful, bitter sweet.

I will not dwell on choices—when I was foolish, lost and weak.

Today is a new chapter—written especially for me.

I’ll guide each waking moment—living happy, joyous, free.

My Beautiful Friend

Written for my dear friend and neighbor, Rachel, as her family moves to Michigan. I will miss them greatly.

From the day that I had met you—I knew God so blessed my life.

He brought us all together—To share both joyous days and strife.

Without a doubt your kindness—Set you aside from all the rest.

I am grateful for each moment—And I love our friendship best.

Your smile will not be forgotten—It is what will see me through.

As I think upon the gifts you’ve shared—From a heart so strong and true.

May blessings fill your future—In the lives you’ve yet to touch.

My life has changed immensely—By your caring, patient touch.

Thank you for being my Beautiful Friend.


When my mind travels back to replay an overview of my life, I cannot help but reflect on the people God has sent me throughout my amazing journey. The comforters, the listeners, the protectors, the thinkers, the creators, the leaders, the warriors…the list goes on.

I marvel at how each person was especially chosen to play a particular role. Whether it be through a brief encounter, a significant moment in time or a lifelong bond, each one was beautifully orchestrated and intentionally placed there from the beginning…exactly and perfectly planned.

Some people may never know what impact their presence played or continue to play in my life, and perhaps I may never know the true extent either, but profoundly grateful I am for each and every one.

We give thanks and praise as our prayers were heard—a miracle was granted. In the doctor’s awe and disbelief —it was a healing we were handed.

We pray for guidance in the days to come—a path we’ve yet to venture. We’ll trust your ways and lay down our fears—for it’s you who knows our future.

Give us strength and courage to forge the way—to the place of new beginnings. From the valley low to the mountain high—we are grateful for all your blessings.