Passages of Time

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This Day

In the stillness of the morning—I ponder the day ahead. I’ve been gifted another daylight—and gently bow my head.

Giving thanks for many blessings—bestowed upon my life. I’ll take this gift of sunshine—and make joy from any strife.

The birds are chirping wildly—as they sing their morning song. A reminder for me simply—to give praises all day long.

This day is laid before me—to choose the side I’ll stand. Excitement fills my being—as I take my Savior’s hand.

He’ll walk with me forever—once I open up the door. This day is still before me—but He gives me so much more.

Pausing Time

I think about the day ahead…I’d like to pause the clock.
The daunting sound repeats itself…a steady tick then tock.
We’re given all an equal chance…no second more or less.
To put our mark upon this earth…so do not second guess.
I bow my head for guidance now…at what may come my way.
Thanking God for blessing me…with yet another day.

May your fingerprint make an awesome impression on whatever you touch today

Morning Dew

A soft cool breeze with damp undertones brushes across my face and slowly nudges me awake. My eyes remain closed as I lay in the stillness of the morning air and breathe in deeply the gift of yet another amazing day. The birds echo my thoughts and remind me to always carry a song in my heart. May your path be paved with blessings this new day.