Passages of Time


I walk through the fire—

But my flame burns within.

His promise to protect me—

Comes with scars upon His skin.

I stumble across fear—

But my courage comes from Him.

A divine and blessed Savior—

Fills my cup far past the brim.

I leap along with joyfulness—

Sing praises from my heart.

For Christ declared the victory—

To give me a brand new start.

His favor is upon me—

I feel blessed in every way.

The sacred ground I walk on—

Shall reflect His love each day.

A New Day

The page is blank each morning—a pen is filled with ink.

It’s a story in the making—drawn from all the ways I think.

My actions choose direction—which words are penned on page.

Decisions made are changeless—though may fade in time with age.

Looking back to the beginning—can be painful, bitter sweet.

I will not dwell on choices—when I was foolish, lost and weak.

Today is a new chapter—written especially for me.

I’ll guide each waking moment—living happy, joyous, free.

My Beautiful Friend

Written for my dear friend and neighbor, Rachel, as her family moves to Michigan. I will miss them greatly.

From the day that I had met you—I knew God so blessed my life.

He brought us all together—To share both joyous days and strife.

Without a doubt your kindness—Set you aside from all the rest.

I am grateful for each moment—And I love our friendship best.

Your smile will not be forgotten—It is what will see me through.

As I think upon the gifts you’ve shared—From a heart so strong and true.

May blessings fill your future—In the lives you’ve yet to touch.

My life has changed immensely—By your caring, patient touch.

Thank you for being my Beautiful Friend.


When my mind travels back to replay an overview of my life, I cannot help but reflect on the people God has sent me throughout my amazing journey. The comforters, the listeners, the protectors, the thinkers, the creators, the leaders, the warriors…the list goes on.

I marvel at how each person was especially chosen to play a particular role. Whether it be through a brief encounter, a significant moment in time or a lifelong bond, each one was beautifully orchestrated and intentionally placed there from the beginning…exactly and perfectly planned.

Some people may never know what impact their presence played or continue to play in my life, and perhaps I may never know the true extent either, but profoundly grateful I am for each and every one.

We give thanks and praise as our prayers were heard—a miracle was granted. In the doctor’s awe and disbelief —it was a healing we were handed.

We pray for guidance in the days to come—a path we’ve yet to venture. We’ll trust your ways and lay down our fears—for it’s you who knows our future.

Give us strength and courage to forge the way—to the place of new beginnings. From the valley low to the mountain high—we are grateful for all your blessings.

Thought Patterns

As I sit in the heat of the day with a soft cool breeze whispering across my body, I’m forever reminded how small I am in this vast universe that could only have been created by a God who knows no limits.

My thoughts travel in many different directions. Some land on familiar ground—It’s almost as if I take these moments for granted, or perhaps live in a routine that requires virtually no thought at all. Feelings that are in front of me but do not materialize into much of anything.

Then my mind wanders to new, uncharted territories in which recent events have forged the wake in a sea of hurricane-type winds. Thoughts of unbearable pain, unforeseen circumstances and confusion scatters it’s debris in every direction I look.

It is with these thoughts I need to be gently redirected back and look towards the One who is at the helm of my ship and will calm every wave—all I need is to ask and it will be done.

So I give praise and glory and turn this day over to my Father, my provider of all—my Savior, Lord of my life, and my Heavenly Spirit, who directs, empowers and leads me in everything I do.


I look ahead with gratitude, that word alone is grand. Your life can change direction, the moment it is at hand.

Each minute that we are gifted, it’s thankfulness times two. God gives us new beginnings, a chance to start anew.

It’s with deep appreciation, as I look upon the day. May I never take for granted, the many blessings sent my way.

Thank you Heavenly Father, your love for us is true. The grace bestowed upon us, is an eternal gift from you.

Silent Pain

Entangled by your choices, not looking past the pain. The darkness overwhelmed you and nothing seemed the same.

The poison numbed the demons, though a temporary fix. They thrived upon your weakness to create a dangerous mix.

Your mind could not keep separate, the reality of each day. It consumed your thoughts and actions which drove you far away.

I saw in you great sadness, your eyes were clouded gray. You begged with desperation but I could not walk away.

The voice inside was heavy, your need to leave was great. The hurt and pain within your head would find a different fate.

In Jesus’s arms I leave you, God’s Will is now at hand. I’ll trust in His direction for He has the perfect plan

My love for you is precious, the bond is like no other. God blessed my life by giving me a very special brother.

Love you forever!

He Knows

The reasons why are not yet known or may not ever be. I rest assured through God’s own word and patiently wait to see.

Each day I wake with gratefulness and fall upon my knees. I pray someday you’ll heal from this and spring to life with ease.

I’ve set aside the little things to focus on the now. I never question why it is or where it was or even really how.

Truth be told it’s not my plan but He who rules the earth. Forever watching over us and knows our destiny from birth.

Take heed in what I’m saying and lay it at His feet. Have faith in God our Father for His grace is oh so sweet.

Fly Mama Fly

Written for Brenda’s mom’s celebration of life. Thought it might be a little heavy so I wrote another one (just below this)

Each step you took upon this earth, gave guidance for those who follow. The strength you showed, the gifts you gave is hope for all of our tomorrows.

The winds blew fierce a time or two, but little did you falter. With head held high you journeyed on and became my rock of Gibraltar.

On an angel’s wing you swiftly rise, the earth calls out your name. I hear your voice and feel your love, though life will never be the same.


When the winds blew fierce, you turned your head to face it. There you deeply inhaled the sweet smell of the beauty that surrounded you and graciously exhaled love.

The strength you showed throughout your life has forever made its mark upon our souls. It will travel with us always as an example of the strong foundation you have laid.

We are forever reminded of your gentle voice through the whispers of the blowing leaves and feel your presence shine like the sun upon each new day.

Though gone from our sight your spirit soars, with a watchful eye, as we walk in the footsteps before us.

Until we meet again, may we all walk in peace.