Passages of Time

The Door

God showed up and closed a door—on a toxic situation. The Devil cringed and stepped aside—for further evaluation.

He’d watched my walk with God grow weak—and grinned with anticipation. Soon pushed his hand upon that door—and watched with determination.

I sensed no harm as I passed through—only a rush of motivation. All at once a cold wind blew—and I felt his domination.

The wreckage once behind that door—is still in operation. A question now I ask myself—do I choose Light or condemnation?

Comments on: "The Door" (3)

  1. God is with us every second of our temptation and knows how hard we are fighting. And, he is a God of grace so he provides a way out! Our job is not to avoid all temptation, but instead to remember to look to a way out or through that door that God is providing.

    The devil is patient he does push ups on our shoulder waiting for the moment to strike when we are feeling hungry, lonely, angry or tired…leave no cracks around that door he will find a way to disarm you and bring you back to the thinking YOU got this when in fact sealing the door WE do that with Gods help!
    Relationships and what each offer are curious webs easy to get into but at times enormously difficult to walk away from wholeheartedly!

    At my age I’m just beginning to feel the bitter sweetness in follow through & the pain of sealing the door doesn’t hurt as much as my thinking had me believing!

    A soul knows what it knows I’m a firm believer there’s a reason people, places and situations cross our path if they are not meant to stay our gut instinct tells us so!
    Xo 😘

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  2. No God…No Peace
    Know God…Know Peace


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