Passages of Time


The silent hurt she felt inside, would one day leave it’s mark. Each hateful action, word and deed, was kindling yet to spark.

Until the day she made her plan, to end the throbbing pain. Her backpack full of weapons new, she stepped inside the train.

It traveled through a quiet town, her eyes began to search. She gazed upon a gathered crowd, outside a small white church.

Intrigued by what she witnessed there, got off to check things out. The pastor spoke with gentleness, but yet she had her doubt.

Determined to get answers quick, she walked up to the stage. And boldly asked to speak with him, in questioning her rage.

An interruption not ignored, but placed in Jesus’s hands. The pastor took the time to care, which changed this young girl’s plans.

She gave her life to Christ that day, no longer walks alone. May we hear the call to help someone, and vow not to postpone.

Comments on: "Determined" (6)

  1. Beautifully written story!😇

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    • Thank you! It’s a true story that I felt inspired to put to a poem after my pastor shared on Sunday. 🙏🏻

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      • It is so awesome how Father God had your pastor positioned at the right place at the right moment to met the need of this young lady. Thank God she accepted Jesus for life eternal instead of death eternal. Father God is so good to us! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story of how God meets us at our weakest moments.😇

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  2. This is so good! Thank you for sharing!
    Blessings! 💞

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  3. I felt like I was there, watching it and watching God do a miracle in this person’s heart through a humble and wise servant of Him. Thank you!


  4. Reminds me of the sayings…you are never alone until one day you say…I am never alone.
    Being lost & confused & one day it clicks 🙏
    Beautiful my friend • keep shinning ✨


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