Passages of Time

At a Distance

At a distance our lives were much the same—in this small town place that we call home. Each day was filled with carefree fun—well protected by an unseen dome.

At a distance we partied, lived and laughed—at times quite reckless I would say. The future was still a far off blur—at what would eventually come our way.

At a distance we chose the ones we loved—to share our lives throughout each day. Our families grew as our behaviors did too—though at some point we’d lost our way.

At a distance our lives would slowly crumble— trying to bury the pains from yet our past. When our emotions overwhelmed us—we hid behind a front that would not last.

At a distance we admitted much defeat—our lives became a chaotic mess. It’s then we reached for help instead—and through the fog found others whom we could bless.

At a distance now we stand no more—each path and journey divinely placed. Our lives were once destruction bound—but stronger now in spite of what we’ve faced.

Let’s journey boldly with each new day—a second chance to us be given. To right the wrongs and at peace we’ll be—living joyous, free and forgiven.

Comments on: "At a Distance" (3)

  1. An accurate depiction of my life!
    I hear your words that characterize my experience growing up in the neighborhoods, making friends and creating lifetime bonds and memories. Hindsight (which is a funny thing) now knowing I carried a gene that set me apart from those I loved and carried in my heart.
    That feeling of home was something I dreamed about yearning for better days to come and then the magic happened when that first drink or drop of alcohol enveloped me…at last I didn’t feel set apart from the universe it was the ultimate I’d finally fit in or so I thought!!
    I had to self destruct before I could
    Come • Come to • Come to believe!
    Grace upon grace which I’m still exploring & figuring out that it is endless with opportunity, love and forgiveness.
    You may see me from a distance trudging the road to happy destiny helping others along the way.
    Good Orderly Direction is my guide the fellowship is my foundation.
    Today I am thankful for your eloquently written words Kelly giving me pause with a visual from the wreckage of my past to the beauty of this brilliant new day.
    Keep shinning ✨


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