Passages of Time

Filling Needs

I found a man who hungered—brought food to help sustain. Another had a broken heart—shared words to ease the pain.

A single mom was tired—took her children to the park. Brought light of God’s forgiveness—to someone in the dark.

One shivered in the dampness—gave clothes and some hot tea. The gal had not the money—I paid her grocery fee.

His eyes were red and swollen—offered him a gentle smile. The woman old and tired—gave my seat to rest awhile.

A life was marred by sinning—He took it all away. The pain endured upon the cross—gave redemption on that day.

Comments on: "Filling Needs" (1)

  1. Your beautifully written poem reminds me of the blueprint for life in that by helping others we help ourselves in the way and light God intended. Intentionally offering what we have to give honoring his name.
    The foundation we set is steadfast for an abundance of joy and love as long as we remember to love ourselves and nourish our soul so were capable of caring out his will with a full or half full cup.

    Keep shinning your light with your words my friend!

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