Passages of Time


I walk through the fire—

But my flame burns within.

His promise to protect me—

Comes with scars upon His skin.

I stumble across fear—

But my courage comes from Him.

A divine and blessed Savior—

Fills my cup far past the brim.

I leap along with joyfulness—

Sing praises from my heart.

For Christ declared the victory—

To give me a brand new start.

His favor is upon me—

I feel blessed in every way.

The sacred ground I walk on—

Shall reflect His love each day.

Comments on: "Loved" (2)

  1. “Oh my gosh!” Were my words out loud as I read your poem this morning.
    The simplicity yet powerfully written transported me from pondering what is on my list in life today to that beautiful spot of being in the moment knowing He will direct and guide me!
    Your God given gift of writing has enlightened me yet again • I am grateful!


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