Passages of Time

Fly Mama Fly

Written for Brenda’s mom’s celebration of life. Thought it might be a little heavy so I wrote another one (just below this)

Each step you took upon this earth, gave guidance for those who follow. The strength you showed, the gifts you gave is hope for all of our tomorrows.

The winds blew fierce a time or two, but little did you falter. With head held high you journeyed on and became my rock of Gibraltar.

On an angel’s wing you swiftly rise, the earth calls out your name. I hear your voice and feel your love, though life will never be the same.


When the winds blew fierce, you turned your head to face it. There you deeply inhaled the sweet smell of the beauty that surrounded you and graciously exhaled love.

The strength you showed throughout your life has forever made its mark upon our souls. It will travel with us always as an example of the strong foundation you have laid.

We are forever reminded of your gentle voice through the whispers of the blowing leaves and feel your presence shine like the sun upon each new day.

Though gone from our sight your spirit soars, with a watchful eye, as we walk in the footsteps before us.

Until we meet again, may we all walk in peace.

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