Passages of Time

My Team

I arrived early and the playing field was empty. It’s neatly trimmed hedges gave way to an immaculately manicured lawn. I felt a great sense of peace about my surroundings. In an instant, there was a warm breeze that playfully swirled as if nudging me to move forward. Today was the day.

There was a significant importance about this day because it was the one I’d chosen to assemble my team. I felt my stomach flip a bit knowing the vast decisions I needed to make and carefully laid out my strategic playbook.

As I studied the setting of this majestic landscape, it was evident the grounds keeper put great thought, love and effort into creating this space. Beauty covered every inch and nothing seemed out of place. It was truly a work of art for miles around. This is where I would start. I summoned for the Master, Father God, the one who hung the stars and moon. He would have the most high position on my team. The overseer, as you will. I leapt with excitement.

At the center of the field I needed someone with unlimited strength, never ending compassion and the ability to love unconditionally. Life always has a way of throwing curveballs at any given moment and I wanted to be prepared. For this position I chose Jesus, he came highly recommended by the Master, so I had no doubt about him. His impeccable timing and willingness to be called upon at anytime would prove invaluable.

Finally, it was evident this team needed an active force; a divine, limitless energy that could give power and gracefully help with communications. It was here I needed the Holy Spirit. I studied his chief attributes and found him perfectly holy and spotless. He was free of any sin or darkness and shared the strengths of God the Father and Jesus. Without a doubt, this was the perfect team.

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