Passages of Time

God’s Plan

God’s love is ever present,

His promises are true.

He has a plan for each of us,

And helps to see us through.

At times you may not see it,

As He works behind the scenes.

It’s best to lay your burdens down,

To see exactly what this means.

The weight you’ve carried worrying,

Was not for you at all.

You took it on unknowingly,

A precept to the fall.

Until at last you stepped aside,

Out of the Master’s way.

To see the plan He organized,

From the beginning to today.

Don’t ever doubt His will for you,

It’s the only one you need.

Rest assured He’s in control,

And always in the lead.

We need no other Savior,

He truly is the best.

His promises are worthy,

And in His arms I rest.

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