Passages of Time

The Story of Love

The prodigal child:

In church this morning I listened closely as God took me back many years ago to when my life was extremely dark and disparate. His words were clear and direct, as I listened to the familiar story of the prodigal son. I was reminded that I, too, was once lost in a world of rebellion and temptation and did not hesitate to turn my back on a loving family and a Father who gave up everything because of His love for me. I chose the corrupted course that led me through a sea of alcohol abuse, over a mountain of sinful acts and through a valley deceit and thievery.

The prodigal child returns:

When I finally got to the end of myself, on bended knee, I came back to the only place of comfort I knew – the loving arms of my Father. It is with gratefulness and praise that I thank my Shepherd for seeking out the lost sheep and returning them to His flock. It’s great to be home!

The parent of a prodigal child:

I am now in a different season of my life after being blessed with a loving husband and raising two beautiful daughters. I say different, but not unfamiliar…the view has changed but the story remains. I am now the parent of a prodigal child. She has chosen a similar path as I did and has drifted into a dangerous and tumultuous world. It is on bended knee once more that I come to my Father and ask not for me this time but for my daughter to be returned to the flock. I now see what You saw, I feel what You felt, I stand watch as You did, I love as You loved. Together let’s wait for her return and prepare for the celebration ahead.

2016 (After a year at Teen Challenge in Brooklyn, NY)…

Ah, and what a celebration it has been and continues to be. By God’s Grace and mercy, and only by His unending love and compassion, our daughter has returned.

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