Passages of Time

Never Alone

Newly inspired by these heartfelt words, I marvel at her inward strength to strategically place stepping-stones beneath her feet as she journey’s upward from the depths of a darkened hole. One such stone came in the form of a Gratitude List that completely filled the space of paper on which she wrote it. My heart smiled to see God appear at the very top of the list followed by sobriety, parents, etc. Our journey continues, one step at a time.

“To My Precious Baby Girl…God gave you life, and blessed my womb; A gift so grand, a heart consumed. Each day you grow, my insides melt; A joy within, deep love is felt. The gift of you, has taught me much; To handle life, a tender touch. My prayer for you, please find the One; Who gave you life, and do not run. For He is there, no matter what; To care for you, when life’s wounds cut. Remember now, with each new day; I love you more, in every way. The past is gone, we can’t go back; Tomorrow’s dream, our wisdom lack. We have today, a gift so rare; Let’s hold it near, our hearts to bare. And give Him praise, on hand and knee; For gifts of love, for you and me.”

Keep your letters coming, I treasure every word.

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