Passages of Time

Hidden Feelings

I’ve always loved to write poetry. Expressing myself through words gives me the freedom to be who I am from the inside out. My daughter has been blessed with this same gift and writes…

I admire my mother, her strength and grace; a tender-hearted woman with a warm embrace. Passionate and caring, she’ll help you when you’re low; amazing creativity, she can really draw and sew. Fully devoted to Christ Jesus, she follows in His ways; she cheers me up when I am sad, I’ll love her all my days. She cooks, she cleans and loves us dear, she really does it all; underneath she’s Super Woman, and she’s only five-foot tall. She’d tuck me in then it’s..itchy, nee, sun she’d go; and if I asked for one more Willard story, she never could say no. She taught me how to read and write, and even ride a bike; often when she tried to sing, the Furbie, ‘Me no like!’ I love all she does for me, couldn’t ask for a better mother; She’s one of a kind and she’s all mine, there will never be another. I love you, mommy.”

Though everyone handles hardship in their own way, facing our demons can be both a painful and powerful process. My daughter shared with me the other night that she was thankful for jail. Curious to her response, I asked her why. She proceeded to tell me that had she not gotten to this point in her life, she would never had known the joy of sobriety.

Another lovely poem she bestowed upon me…

“Mother Dearest–You gave me life, I gave you strife. You taught me right, I began to fight. You wanted respect, your wishes I’d reject. You showed me God’s light, drugs blinded my sight. You prayed I’d recover, I ran off with a lover. I put you through hell, you handled it well. I pushed you away, you heartily stay. I am lonesome and meek, your compassion I seek. I love you forever, a new future WE endeavor! –I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always…as long as I’m living my mommy you’ll be!”

I’ll love you as well, my child.

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