Passages of Time


Much compared to a child opening a gift on Christmas Day, I anticipate the time between visits with wonder and excitement. The ride there is like holding a present on my lap and waiting for someone to tell me it’s my turn to open…all the while trying to guess what mystery lies beneath the wrapping.

As if on cue, the door opens and I can hardly contain myself when I see  before me those beautiful blue eyes, each time becoming more clear and bright. Your smile warms my heart and chips away at the rough edges that have calcified throughout the years.

Carefully peeling back the tape from the imaginary package I hold on my lap, you share with me the excitement that, after a long wait list, you finally have a sponsor. My shoulders relax and I smile with gratitude and praise for another answered prayer. The wrapping is torn in one section as you unveil your feelings of depression. I believe God allows us to hit those low times as a gentle reminder to keep looking up and reach for His outstretched hand. It brings to light one of my favorite sayings, “If you don’t feel close to God…guessed who moved?”

Our visit is brief but I rejoice in the fact there is a visit. Many parents of addicts never get that chance because, more than not, the drugs win and steal away the lives of their children. Keep placing those stepping-stones atop each other, and I will bring back my package and together we can unwrap the gift within.

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