Passages of Time

The Ultimate Bond

Those walls that hold you prisoner, are bitter-sweet at most – A temporary safety zone, lest anyone should boast.

You have not ample access, to the drugs that stung your veins – A crushing blow to innocence now marred by bitter pains.

The life that brought you to this place, was based on false desires – A demon’s plan to capture souls and toss them to the fires.

The weight of darkness blinds your sight, as you cover up your face – A chance for God to comfort you and pour out His loving grace.

Your yesterdays are lost and gone, and tomorrows are yet to be – A treasure box now placed by you, the keeper of the key.

Praying for you daily, my sweet child, and I cannot wait to see how the beautiful tapestry of your life will be unveiled. Congratulations on 66 days of sobriety.

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